Mindful Eating and Weight Loss

Within Eat Right Now, you’ll journey through lessons mindful eating and how to sustainably change your relationship to food. Upon completing the core program on mindful eating, you’ll have an option to explore Weight Loss Weeks.

Weight Loss Weeks include content related to weight, food choices, calories, and physical activity which may be sensitive for some. Please know weight management related information is completely optional.

Program Overview

Mindful Eating
  • First 28 modules
  • Option to move on to Weight Loss Weeks after completing mindful eating core modules
  • Guided mindfulness exercises proven to reduce food-related cravings
Weight Loss Weeks
  • Optional 22 weeks
  • Includes physical activity content, strategic meal planning, calorie-related content, and progress tracking
  • Includes discussion of weight and weight management

Feel at home in your body.

It’s possible to find peace with your eating habits and feel good in your own skin.