The Science Behind
Food Craving

The latest neuroscience on habit change will help

you manage your food cravings and become a healthier eater.

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How Food Addiction Works

Eat Right Now® is an evidence-based program developed from over 10 years of groundbreaking medical research by Dr. Judson Brewer MD, PhD while he was at Yale University School of Medicine’s Therapeutic Neuroscience Clinic and UMass Medical School’s Center for Mindfulness. According to a recent study from UCSF, participants in the Eat Right Now® program reduced their food-related cravings by 40%. Read more here.

Meet Our Experts

Dr. Judson Brewer MD, PhD

Leading Expert in Cravings, Addictions and the Science of Self Mastery

Dr. Brewer developed the scientific approach for Eat Right Now® which has been helping people control their cravings for more than 15 years.

He wrote the book on craving (The Craving Mind), has taught at Yale University, published numerous peer-­reviewed articles and book chapters, and is internationally recognized for his work. His TED talk was the 4th most watched talk of 2016. His work has been featured on 60 Minutes, in Time magazine, Forbes, BBC, NPR, and many others.

Dr. Brewer is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine at University of Massachusetts School of Medicine and is a practicing addiction psychiatrist. Dr. Brewer will teach you how to tap into your natural ability to master your bad habits and become a healthier eater.


Dr. Kara Nance, MD FACP

Leading Expert in Cravings, Addictions and the Science of Self Mastery

For over 15 years, Dr. Kara Nance has been helping her patients manage their health and weight. She is double board certified in both internal medicine and Obesity medicine.

After Princeton University, where she graduated with honors, Dr. Nance attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Dr. Nance founded WellessenceMD to bring health & wellbeing to life! Her nutrition and weight management clinic has treated hundreds of patients with incredible results. She firmly believes that there is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition.

Dr. Ashley E. Mason, PhD

Expert in Food Craving & Addiction

Dr. Ashley Mason is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco.

She has conducted a controlled trial testing Eat Right Now at UCSF that showed a 40% reduction in craving-related eating.


Feel at home in your body.

It’s possible to find peace with your eating habits and feel good in your own skin.