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• Empowered to make healthier food choices?
• Happy and satisfied about your eating habits?
• Confident you can ride out your food cravings?

With Eat Right Now®, You Can!

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Eat Right Now® is a program that utilizes a proven scientific approach to help you control your food cravings.

Improve your relationship with food.

Strengthen your control over your cravings.

Based on research at Yale by leading neuroscientist
Dr. Judson Brewer MD, PhD

Watch Dr. Brewer’s TEDMED Talk ‘A Simple Way to Break a Bad Habit’

Eat Right Now® is brought to you by Claritas MindSciences LLC and the internationally acclaimed cravings expert Dr. Judson Brewer MD, PhD


What Our Members are Saying about Eat Right Now®

“This whole approach really DOES feel different. My attitude isn’t a tense resistance now — it’s more energetic and hopeful.”
“I began to notice sounds, colors, and physical sensations that I had never noticed before. It was an aha moment for me. I shifted out of autopilot which made me feel more confident to apply this tool to situations like last night.”
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