Form eating habits you can feel good about.

Eat Right Now® is an app-based program offering accessible practices, tools, and exercises that are scientifically proven to reduce craving-related eating by 40%. 

We are with you every step of the way to help change your relationship to food and unhelpful eating habits.

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Hear from Eat Right Now members:

Louistine T.
Louistine T.
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I love this App! I have been trying to eat mindfully for years and now I am doing it. I have a totally new healthy relationship with food. I enjoy it more yet I eat so much less of it. Have I lost weight mindfully eating? You bet I have!!
Lleslle S.
Lleslle S.
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I love this mindful eating program. I have learned so much about how the mind works and mindfulness practices to see more clearly to develop a better relationship with eating. Many thanks to the team and Dr. Jud for creating this app and program!!
And now for something completely different.
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Have you figured out it’s not about the food or exercise but some mental/emotional state that needs to shift —but can’t find actual specific guidance on how to address that part of overeating/weight struggles? We’ve all read how it’s mindset and determination but exactly how do you figure that all out… this is the program! I won’t say it’s easy because it is getting to the very roots of overeating and will get you to lasting change. The app interface is easy and daily time is very reasonable to work in to your day.
Karilynn S.
Karilynn S.
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Research-based by THE neuroscientist in this space, this app is well-worth the investment to change your bad habits permanently.

Break up with dieting for good

The Eat Right Now program helps you retrain your brain so you’re easily able to identify stress and emotional eating patterns, reduce food cravings, and build sustainable eating habits that feel natural. 

Uncover the deeper root causes of your struggles with food and finally get off the diet roller coaster. By understanding what triggers your food cravings, you’ll learn to change your eating habits for good and shed any guilt caused by yo-yo dieting.

The mindfulness practices in Eat Right Now have been proven to reduce stress, help with binge and emotional eating, and even change the size of your brain.

Get the most out of Eat Right Now

When you join Eat Right Now, you are welcomed to our warm, active community of like-minded people. Using the Eat Right Now app gives you access to our online forum discussions and interactive live calls.

Our live calls occur every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with our team of experts, Dr. Jud Brewer, and program members. Participating in the Eat Right Now community allows you to connect with others journeying through the program for an extra layer of support.

Powerful, practical resources and tools designed to reduce craving-related eating.

A supportive community of people who offer understanding and accountability.

Live, interactive coaching with Dr. Jud Brewer and our team of eating habit experts.

Real-time check-ins to bring short moments of mindfulness to your day and ride out unhelpful food cravings.

Daily video lessons and guided mindfulness exercises to help you change your relationship with eating.

Track your progress with journaling and in-app tools.

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Empowered eating habits, rooted in science.

Eat Right Now® was developed from over 10 years of research by neuroscientist and addiction psychiatrist Dr. Judson Brewer, and it’s backed by some of the world’s most prestigious medical and academic institutions. The program’s approach has been tested in rigorous clinical trials; it’s proven to be highly effective, reducing craving-related eating by 40%.

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